Upgrading markups

Without fanfare I upgraded my RSS feed to RSS 2.0 last week. Admittedly my simple feed was already compliant to 2.0, and all I really added was a to each item via the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, which I later removed. I have since downgraded back to RSS 0.91 as it has a DTD, which RSS 2.0 does not. I would much rather author XML which conforms to a specified DTD. Besides, I have no immediate need for the module support within RSS 2.0.

In addition to flirting with upgrading my RSS feed, I also bit the bullet and upgraded my weblog to XHTML 1.1. This was also not much of an upgrade, but I did so in preparation for XHTML 2.0. The only change I had to make was to remove the elements with the name attribute set and move the value contained therein to an id attribute. Unfortunately, this meant prefixing the numeric ID for my weblog posts with a letter, thereby breaking any bookmarks pointing to weblog entries. This is not so bad as my entries are archived by day, so the entry is not entirely lost given an old link. This change, while small, breaks my weblog in some older browsers as well as other browsers which do not honour the id attribute. This is a good change, however, as it removes empty, superfluous elements and places the navigation within the HTML elements which contain the important data.

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