Strange Google hits

As far as Google searches go, I thought this weblog had seen it all: from searches for various pornography involving monkeys, to … well, more searches for obscure pornography. This latest one, however, tops them all, not necessarily for the content of the search phrase but more for the frequency of hits and the fact that this weblog is number one for that search result. The search phrase in question? Sex crazed Iraqi bitches.

That search phrase has appeared not once, not twice, not even three times, but eight times in the past two days, and not from one area, either. Those Iraqi women are a world-wide phenomenon with originating countries including the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Italy, and Syria.

Why Syrians are searching for their neighbours is beyond me, but where nubile Iraqi nymphomaniacs can be found, Saddam Hussein can’t be far behind.

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