Crazed monkey is now public!

I have been following my progress on BlogShares with some interest. However, my interest had been somewhat muted given that my market value peaked at $50 and has been rapidly falling towards zero. Inexplicably, my weblog reached its IPO point today, and so the interest mounts. I had thought that a weblog’s valuation was the sum total of the value of its incoming links. Barring a fluke link on a large weblog, it seemed as though my weblog was destined to remain in the doldrums. However, is now public and I rate it a Strong Buy.

Update: If I had bothered to read BlogShares’ news for the 11th of April, I would have found out that claimed weblogs are valued at $1000 in addition to the total value of their incoming links. So if you would like your weblog to go public, claim it!

My posts have been infrequent as of late. Everyone seems to be “warblogging” and I’ve given up adding to the noise. I have been somewhat distressed at the “fiercely independent thought” on some of the more “conservative” weblogs I have been forcing myself to read. I am tempted to write a few words, but that would just be feeding the trolls. We’ll see.

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