2006 Sporting Life 10k

Today I ran the Sporting Life 10k for the third year in a row. My time was 47:39 which beats my time last year by just under two minutes but didn’t meet my goal of 45 minutes. This year I changed age categories and was surprised by my upsurge in the rankings:

Year Chip time Overall standing Men’s standing Men age category
2004 56:12 2708/5220 (52%) 1708/2378 (72%) 233/313 (74%) (25-29)
2005 49:28 1491/6339 (24%) 1164/2976 (39%) 159/349 (46%) (25-29)
2006 47:39 1189/6627 (18%) 968/2996 (32%) 176/536 (33%) (30-34)

I had thought that I might drop in my age category, given what I supposed to be increased drive among older runners. As it turns out, there were almost twice as many men aged 30-34 running as there are men aged 25-29. That must be the reason why my ranking in my age category is so much better this year. That increase in overall chip time ranking is pretty impressive, especially considering that I barely shaved two minutes off last year’s time. I’m pretty proud of myself, although during the run I was convinced I was running slower than last year.

I ran alone this year, although was greeted at the finish line by a girl I have been dating these past two weeks. She saw me off at the start line, but almost didn’t make it down in time via TTC to see me finish! The better way? Sometimes you’re better off running.

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