John Ralston Saul, what a guy!

If you’re viewing this weblog as a web page, you might have noticed my book list and seen that John Ralston Saul‘s book The Doubter’s Companion is on my reading list. Saul is probably my favourite writer of philosophy and politics and I have read most of his non-fiction works including The Unconscious Civilization, Voltaire’s Bastards and Reflections of a Siamese Twin. This man is easily one of the alpha males of Canada’s intellectual elite.

I had thought that Saul was one of those supremely intelligent and inflential writer/professor types. Little did I know that he once ran a Paris-based investment firm and worked as Special Assistant and Policy Advisor to the founding Chairman of Petro-Canada. You can find Saul’s biography online at the website of the Governor General of Canada. Adrienne Clarkson is a fantastic choice for Governor General, but with John Ralston Saul at her side, it’s like having two Governor Generals!

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