A culture of infants

The Globe & Mail: Babying our brains, one adult at a time. I don’t usually agree with Russell Smith, but this time he’s got it right on the money. The culture is becoming infantilized. I’m sure most people know of an adult who has gone ga-ga over Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, even going so far as to buy the accessories and to view the movies several times over. Then there are the thirty-somethings who think like children, not understanding, or caring about, the results of their actions, or the twenty-somethings who are fuelled by teen angst. Grow up, people. Stop letting yourself be babied and face the world like men and women.

Furthermore, I’m getting tired of people who think that life is like television or the movies and try to model themselves after their fictional characters. Repeat after me: “I am not, nor ever should I try to be, James Bond, a Vin Diesel character, or Tyler Durden. These men do not exist.”, and for the women: “I am not one of the cast of Sex in the City.” If you want your life to be like the movies, be a movie actor.

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