SUVs deemed “Uncool”

The Motley Fool: SUVs Deemed “Uncool”. Glancing through this article, I just had a vision of an ad for a compact car, such as the Mini. Picture this:

SCENE: An almost full parking lot. A white man in a suit sitting alone in a giant dark-coloured SUV near an empty parking space.

The man attempts to park the SUV in this space, possibly the only remaining one in the lot. He is visibly frustrated as he tries to back in, reverse indicators beeping. Unfortunately, the SUV can’t fit. The background music is sad, possibly making use of a trombone.

Rhythmic montage sequence as the man tries numerous ways to get his truck in the spot, even getting out of his truck with a measuring tape, surveying the area. One shot features the man banging his head on the steering wheel.

Reaching his limit, the man drives away, very flustered, nearly hitting a pedestrian.

Suddenly the music turns happy. A young black woman in a brightly coloured compact car drives up to the parking spot, executes a swift perfect reverse in, opens the door, gets out, and locks the door as she walks happily away.

Shot changes to centre the car on the screen. Display logo.

If you’re an ad executive and want to use this for a promotional campaign, contact me through the comments for this post. I have more ad ideas. Let’s talk.

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