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Mark Down Isn't a Discount

Linked on Oct 23 at 4:01

Server crashes mean so much more than lost data; it’s lost income, loss of reputation and lost time spent cleaning up the mess. Availability is crucial. But not all availabilities are equal. Should a loss of a data store mean goods can’t be sold?

Dan Pritchard argues that in the absence of data, replies … Read more

Questions to ask when reviewing a design - (37signals)

Linked on Oct 22 at 19:43

At my previous job I dabbled in critiquing wireframes and designs of others—mostly basic questions such as “What does this do?” or “Why is this here?”. This list of questions to ask when reviewing a design is a lot more exhaustive and could be useful for those looking to tighten up their designs.

logstash - open source log management

Linked on Oct 9 at 16:22

While I generally feel that log parsing is the least sophisticated mechanism for monitoring an application, often no other option exists. Logstash is an open source tool for parsing and displaying information in logs. It could be a free replacement for some functionality provided by commercial tools such as Splunk.