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Nov 6, 2002

A friend with whom I used to work has set up a website called Its goal is to link travellers so that they may meet up on their trips. It can also serve as a search for people who like to show others around their city. The site is in its preliminary … Read more

Blosxom does not create XHTML-compliant name attributes

Nov 6, 2002

As Vic pointed out, my page ceased to be XHTML-compliant when I moved posts inside categories. Bloxsom generates an ID to use inside the name attribute of an tag in order to facilitate linking to individual posts. This is great except for posts in sub-categories, whose IDs are prepended with the path to that … Read more

HTML form elements in RSS items break Radio

Aug 8, 2002

If an RSS feed to which you are subscribed decides to put an HTML form element (eg. SELECT, INPUT, etc.) in an item, the Radio news aggregator will fail badly when you try to delete items:

[Macro error: Can't coerce the string "nameprfx" into a number because it contains non-numeric characters.]

I learnt this when … Read more

Radio news aggregator sucks

Aug 7, 2002

Why is it that when I delete a few items in Radio’s news aggregator, a bunch of previously-deleted items suddenly appear and I have to spend a few minutes cleaning them out? What Radio needs is a ‘Check All’ option or something like that so I can uncheck the items I’m interested in reading later. … Read more

Goddamn Radio updates

Jul 30, 2002

It is as I feared, folks. Radio updates to Radio.root items overwrite prior changes to those same items. Someone made a change to the way blogrolls are rendered and away went my W3C compliance. If you want to freeze your Radio.root, I suggest you disable nightly updates by way of the Read more