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Stephen Worth's Adventures in Music on Boing Boing

Linked on Jan 25 at 1:22

Stephen Worth, Director of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, recently did a guest-blogger spot on Boing Boing where he featured over a dozen music-related clips. Each clip is a breadcrumb to DVDs, CDs and other links which an interested reader should review. Worth’s point, and I share this view, is that even the recent past contains … Read more

Jerry: The World's Most Human Chimp

Linked on Jan 22 at 0:14

The heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of Jerry, “The World’s Most Human Chimp”, as raised by Jack Dutton. Jerry became popular after Dutton noticed that Disneyland was to be built right near his orange grove. Dutton built his own jungle theme park with Jerry as the main attraction.