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SPSS and Python

Linked on Jan 31 at 21:43

A few people at work use SPSS to do statistical analysis. The language is (still) horrible. As of v14, however, Python can be used to access SPSS. This link contains a few starting points for Python-SPSS integration.

DE Razor Reviews Summary

Linked on Jan 30 at 19:24

Back in November, Bill Bumgarner bought a sampler pack of safety razor blades. Week by week, he wrote a review of a different blade. The posts interested me, having recently switched to a Merkur razor. All blades have been trialled, and the results are in. Bill writes, “The Dorco, Derby, and Wilkinson Sword blades all … Read more

Global Warming Vs Clojure!

Linked on Jan 28 at 21:55

Here’s a nice article on one person’s attempt to reproduce the famed hockey stick graph from 3GB of tarballed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data using Closure. The author isn’t a climatologist, or even a scientist, so his differing output shouldn’t be a sign of manipulation. However, the post goes into detail as to how … Read more