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Scottish zoo lions commit incest

Jul 30, 2002

Horrors of horrors, the lions are inbreeding! How can we as a responsible society let this happen to our animal brethren? Personally, I am appalled that this has been allowed to occur and urge everyone to boycott the Scottish zoo. This is proof positive of the moral depravity inherent in those of Scottish … Read more

Goddamn Radio updates

Jul 30, 2002

It is as I feared, folks. Radio updates to Radio.root items overwrite prior changes to those same items. Someone made a change to the way blogrolls are rendered and away went my W3C compliance. If you want to freeze your Radio.root, I suggest you disable nightly updates by way of the Read more

Pope leaves Toronto alive

Jul 29, 2002

After narrowly missing the effects of the Toronto garbage strike, successfully avoiding a Toronto heatwave, and surviving legions of Catholic fanboys and fangirls, The Pope boarded his plane early this afternoon and said farewell to Canada, most likely for the last time.

Ladies and gentlemen, His Holiness has left the country … alive.

 … Read more